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"In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.”

– Sheryl Sanders

WIS is a professional network for women in the maritime industry. The project was initiated with a desire to strengthen women in the shipping industry and work-focused to achieve more diversity and equality in the industry.


WIS’ mission is to create a professional and social network that creates synergies between women from all segments of the industry. A network that creates new opportunities and greater curiosity about the professional working life, where the format and the professional content are relevant to the participants.


We have a desire to create a space where women can make use of each other, find inspiration, guidance and help each other on their way towards their goals by acting role models and aspirations, across seniority, experience, age and segment.


We want to define the issues and collaborate to make the industry more attractive to women. Diversity in the network must be seen as a strength and can bring relevant conversations, discussions, and solutions to the challenges in the industry. Measures that can benefit the entire industry.


The purpose of WIS is to be a catalyst for value-creating connections between women. The concept is to create events that attract women from all segments of the industry, in order to gain a broader professional perspective and open up new opportunities. The goal is to facilitate various events with relevant topics that encourage a joint debate and dialogue.


WIS has a vision that all this can contribute to create innovation and economic growth that can strengthen the entire maritime industry.




Bringing women together in the maritime industry

Through events, workshops and knowledge sharing synergies are created among the women in the industry.


Diversity & Innovation

Have an impact on the development of the industry and make it more attractive to women.


Inspiration & role models 

Through relevant talks, debates, and networking we strengthen the opportunities of women and women in the industry.


Camilla Himmelstrup.jpg

Camilla Himmelstrup

Operations Manager, Clipper

“With only 14% of women in the Danish Shipping industry, it is important for all women to know they have 100% support from the community in WIS.

WIS is a combination of women of all ages and seniority, with a lot of experience in the industry. 14% is not enough – we need more women in shipping”

Marte shetelig.jpg

Marte Shetelig

Project planner, Aker Solutions

“WIS-Denmark gave me the opportunity to meet strong and like-minded women in a fast pacing and high demanding industry, where there has not been a similar network available until now. It was truly inspiring to talk to the participants after the presentations. We all felt genuinely empowered and eager to support and encourage each other going forward - behind every strong woman is another strong woman.”

julie mailind.jpg

Julie Mailind,

Operations Manager, Norden

“It was a pleasure to participate in the first WIS event along with curious and open-minded women, who shared experiences and networked across the industry. I look forward to participating in future events. The big turnout clearly showed that a network like this, which includes all women at different ages, seniority and segments has been missing. “

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women”

– Madeleine K. Albright

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